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Wishlist Building

We provide many highly effective methods of wishlist building so your games reach thousands of players worldwide.

Selective Promotion

Its up to you if you want your game to be promoted using all of our services or a selected few tailor fit for your needs.

Boost Player Awareness

Run game promotions for special sales, events or updates to your game for that extra punsh in player awareness.

Top Ranking

Bring your game to the top of every list with long term promotion strategies.

Increase Your Game Sales

Grow your game sales with wishlist promotions, increase your game followers so players get notifed when your game releases or goes on sale.

Quick Support

We act fast and reliable, increase, decrease or change your game promotion within hours.

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Increase your rankings for better positioning of your games

Who we are and what we do.

Advertisegames is a unique marketing agency specialized in promoting games and related technologies. Our very purpose is to help game developers and publishers operating in the gaming sphere in every way we can. Based in Germany we are laser focused on delivering the best service worldwide. We have proudly completed hundreds of projects for various clients – both leaders of the gaming industry and young, aspiring game developers.

  • Wishlist Building
  • Selective Promotion
  • Boost Player Awareness
  • Top Ranking
  • Increase Your Game Sales
  • Quick Support
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Our Values

We at Advertisegames are all geeks and gamers who are also game marketing professionals with over 5 years of experience in the games industry. We do not promote everything and anything compared to large PR agencies, but rather we specialize in our field of expertise: games and related technologies. In our line of work we respect and follow these long-standing company values




Turbo Marketing

A wonderful launch requires a professional marketing team, for example build up your game by increasing its Steam wishlist for maximum exposure on launch!

We believe in loyalty and a long-term partnerships with our clients, as this provides the best results for all interested parties.

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The marketing platform designed by gamers for the gaming industry

Covering all stages of your game launch

Player testing, early access, launch, community building and much more.

Built for every budget and genre

Market your game to high quality players around the world using our in-house technologies.

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Manage your launch and boost important metrics with one powerful partner.
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