Frequently Asked Questions

Its easy! Simply send us an email or give us a call and we will come up with a perfect marketing strategy for your game!

This is a bit more tricky, each customer is different and so are our prices, they are tailor fit for every customer that includes: budget, goals, time frame.

No problem! Just get in touch with us and we will send you an anonymus example of our previous work, we will also gladly provide a demo of our services if requested.

What is

Advertisegames is a unique marketing agency specialized in promoting games and related technologies. Our very purpose is to help game developers and publishers operating in the gaming sphere in every way we can. Based in Germany we are laser focused on delivering the best service worldwide. We have proudly completed hundreds of projects for various clients – both leaders of the gaming industry and young, aspiring game developers.

I need to sign up before buying any promotion?

No if wished for everything can be handled using emails or calls, you will however be obligated to provide some details for the invoices we send out to you.

Is this legit?

Yes! All our promotions are fully in line with any TOS we make sure you are always on the save side.

Is my info safe?

Advertisegames is very privacy councious we make sure you feel safe at all times and we would never sell or publish customer data!

What payment methods can i use?

We support payments using: Visa, Mastercard, Wire, American Express, Bitcoin.

What platforms can you promote?

Here is an example of what we can promote: Steam games for wishlists, followers and players, Steam developer accounts for followers and members, Epic Game Store games for wishlists, Android games for installs and ratings, Twitch accounts for followers - and much more!

Are you using fake accounts/bots?

No! All our promotions and websites are used by real gamers from all over the world, we make sure to always deliver the best promotion possible.

Are there any discounts?

Yes large promotions offer a substantial discount in addition to promoting multiple games.

Any more questions? Give us a call and we will have a talk about it

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